Thursday, November 1, 2012

Say what?



Noun:        Beauty.

Synonyms:    beauty - loveliness - prettiness - fairness – comeliness

Pulchri...what? We are sure that if anyone has heard or read about our blog are wondering what does Pulchri--blahblah mean, how do you pronounce that word, what does it have to do with the blog and why did we start a blog? Well, Pulchritude means beauty. Our main focus in our blog is to show how beautiful life is through words and pictures even in the middle of the stress and pressure. We should learn how to appreciate the little things because it'll be our little source of happiness. And when there is happiness, there is beauty. Life is very beautiful but some people forget that. So we will be here reminding you guys to tell yourselves that "la vie est belle" or life is beautiful.


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Bianca x Aika