Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unexpected Thursday.

It's Thursday today (our favorite day) Why? Because we only got 2 classes and it's only until 11:20! So we have lots of time to spend in eating and "check" out people, but today, everything is different. Both of us along with Ate Armin and Rj helped out in doing the make-up of the play by the Dulaang Filipino. It was so great meeting the actors and actresses, plus, life is different backstage. Though we weren't able to watch the whole play at least we were able to see the rehearsal. Good thing that tomorrow will be the last day of the play, and we will be watching it after we do the make-up of the actors and actresses.

  Sneaked a picture...

We'll be posting more pictures tomorrow. ;)

Now to our outfits today. Unintentionally, we both wore sheer.

On Aika:
Top: Red Head
Jeans: SM Dept. Store
Watch: Timex
Necklace: Plains and Prints
Flats: a gift from a friend
Bag: Celine

On Bianca:
Top and Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: Divi
Bag: Mango
Flats: gift from an aunt
Statement bracelet: The Bead Shop

Some of our block mates were dressed really cute, that's why we pulled them aside to take a photo of them, so that we can put it here. I guess some of them had a date after class or they simply want to dress up in case they saw someone they liked. Hehe :) We didn't have the chance to picture the others because they were in a hurry. Here are some of them:

(L-R) Aleeza GayAlych SantosAtria BaduaKarla Domingo