Saturday, November 10, 2012

Football in the South

Last month, my brother Benju (16) joined the Makati Football Club along with his friends. November 10, we woke up early to watch his first football game sponsored by Alaska in Alabang Country Club.

The day started really gloomy and it rained a little. So we thought that the game would be canceled but gladly it stop really quickly. That's why the games started early, about 7:30 am.

There were lots of kids there, from ages 10-16, boys and girls. Children from different schools like Manresa, Zobel, Ateneo, Ateneo Davao, FEU, and a lot more.

I really didn't understand the whole football sport, so I did what a great sister would do, I took pictures of him while me and my other brother Brandon (13), who was taking a video of the game, were sitting on the grass in the middle of the heat of the sun, of course with our umbrella. 

Here's my brother! :D

After more or less watching kids play football, their standing was 2-3 (Win - 2 ; Lose - 3)
At least they had fun and the learned things. And they won 3rd place over 4 places. HAHAHA! At least it's better than the last. ;)


Bianca ;)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unexpected Thursday.

It's Thursday today (our favorite day) Why? Because we only got 2 classes and it's only until 11:20! So we have lots of time to spend in eating and "check" out people, but today, everything is different. Both of us along with Ate Armin and Rj helped out in doing the make-up of the play by the Dulaang Filipino. It was so great meeting the actors and actresses, plus, life is different backstage. Though we weren't able to watch the whole play at least we were able to see the rehearsal. Good thing that tomorrow will be the last day of the play, and we will be watching it after we do the make-up of the actors and actresses.

  Sneaked a picture...

We'll be posting more pictures tomorrow. ;)

Now to our outfits today. Unintentionally, we both wore sheer.

On Aika:
Top: Red Head
Jeans: SM Dept. Store
Watch: Timex
Necklace: Plains and Prints
Flats: a gift from a friend
Bag: Celine

On Bianca:
Top and Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: Divi
Bag: Mango
Flats: gift from an aunt
Statement bracelet: The Bead Shop

Some of our block mates were dressed really cute, that's why we pulled them aside to take a photo of them, so that we can put it here. I guess some of them had a date after class or they simply want to dress up in case they saw someone they liked. Hehe :) We didn't have the chance to picture the others because they were in a hurry. Here are some of them:

(L-R) Aleeza GayAlych SantosAtria BaduaKarla Domingo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Job Interview

For our Technical Writing (TechWrit) class, one of our practical exam is to experience a real job interview. So Sir Mark told us to be prepared for our interview, from our clothes to the way we answer the questions given. He gave us stets of questions so we could be ready on that day itself. We both really felt nervous at the same time excited because of the fact that we will be dressed in corporate attire. We were interviewed by the panel, Sir Mark and the rest of our block mates who were done being interviewed.

Us, facing the whole panel.... Well, does our faces show that we are really nervous? The least we can do is to answer all the questions being asked.

Since we are in the "art-related" course, we are not required to dress in corporate outfits, so it was kind of a big deal for us. That's why almost all of our block mates made an extra effort in dressing up. So this is what we wore on that day:

On Aika:
Blazer and white Top: from my mom's closet
Skirt: People Are People
Heels: Rusty Lopez
Watch: Casio
Necklace: Divi

On Bianca:
Top: Forever 21
Skirt and Heels: People Are People
Necklace: Gift from a friend

We are who we are.

To start, we would like to share some of the things we go crazy about, so we answered these Slam book questions. This will also let you guys know us more. The funny thing about our answers is that we answered separately these question, and then when we start comparing, we have tons of similarities in the stuff we adore. It's actually pretty cool.